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User Registration Agreement

Dear user:

Before you register as a user on SuperIC Mall, please read this agreement carefully. Once you successfully register as an official user of SuperIC Mall, it means that you have read, agreed and accepted all the terms and conditions contained in this agreement and statement. SuperIC Mall owns the right to revise and change this agreement according to our business needs, and publish the updated content of the agreement on the website. The changed content will automatically take effect from the date of publication without further notice. Any objection to the changed content, please contact our customer service in time.

1. Interpretation

"Product" means the goods or services provided by SuperIC Mall to customers.

"Customer" refers to an individual, legal person or other organization that purchases products and services from the mall in a form approved by SuperIC mall.

"Order" refers to an offer to purchase a product issued by a customer on SuperIC Mall's online platform, e-mail and other methods approved by SuperIC Mall.

"Contract" refers to the contract signed between SuperIC Mall and the customer regarding the supply of products and the provision of services, and this User Agreement constitutes an integral part of the contract.

"In writing" includes the way of fax and e-mail, etc.

2. User registration

(1) Some functions of SuperIC Mall require users to register a mall account to use. You or your employer can create your own SuperIC account. In order to ensure the normal operation of mall transactions, customers need to fill in real and valid personal information, including name, Job titles, company names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, financial and credit card, and other information may be included in our client files. Customers are solely responsible for maintaining their own IDs and passwords. At the same time, the account and password you registered in the SuperIC Mall shall not be transferred, sold, gifted or inherited to others in any way. If the personal information of the customer changes, it needs to be updated in time.

When you use the services provided by SuperIC Mall or contact us by email, it means that you agree to receive contact from SuperIC Mall or SuperIC Mall partners including but not limited to emails, text messages, and phone calls. If we send you information in this way, or send relevant notices on this website, you will be deemed to have received all information.

You agree that you will not use any robots, spiders or other automated devices to link to this mall to monitor and copy our web pages and the content contained therein without authorization, and you agree not to use any devices, software programs to interfere or attempt to Interfere with the proper functioning of the Mall, you agree not to visit or attempt to access any area of the Mall that is not accessible to the public.

(4) The mall owns the right to terminate some or all of the services of the account and reserves the right to take appropriate legal actions for acts such as providing false information to register an account, maliciously place orders, and attacking the website.

3. Prices and stock of the products

(1) The prices of products on the SuperIC Mall are denominated in US dollars.

(2) The inventory and price data information of some products on the SuperIC Mall comes from our cooperative certified suppliers. When the actual order is placed, there may be changes in suppliers, quantities, prices, and delivery dates, or there may be delays in delivery and price increases by suppliers, insufficient quantity or even the supplier withdraws the order and other abnormal situations, SuperIC Mall will try its best to negotiate and solve, including but not limited to changing the supply channel to ensure the smooth progress of the buyer's order. SuperIC Mall shall not be liable for any direct and indirect economic losses resulting therefrom.

(3) It is recommended that before you placing an order, please confirm the specific needs and the latest inventory, price, delivery and other information with the customer service representative on SuperIC Mall to ensure that the services provided by the mall can match your needs.

4. Order and payment

SuperIC Mall reserves the right to refuse to conduct transactions. Once the transaction is confirmed by both parties and accepted by the customer, the customer agrees to be bound by the sales conditions contained in the product description and complete the transaction (except for transactions prohibited by law or user agreement). Without the written consent of SuperIC Mall, no order can be placed or canceled. Some products may be subject to changes in transaction prices, delays in data review or cancellation of orders due to restrictions on product export by the exporting countries of the source of goods and adjustments to relevant taxes and fees. It is not responsible for us to undertake any direct and indirect economic losses caused thereby.

Customers must complete the payment within 1 working day after the order is confirmed. If they be chosen to the remittance, they must provide the payment certificate when completing the remittance. If the customer fails to complete the payment due, the mall has the right to:

(1) Require the customer to pay immediately.

(2) Cancel the order or suspend any further delivery and performance.

(3) Require the customer to pay for the expenses incurred by the store for stocking or storing products.

(4) Require the customer to pay any or all expenses incurred by the mall in recovering the payment, and reserve the right to further claim the loss from the customer.

5. Freight Instructions

SuperIC Mall chooses the professional courier companies to provide services and charge the corresponding costs to the users.

6. Product delivery

(1) The delivery date of the products in the mall is subject to the standard delivery date in the SuperIC Mall contract. If the delivery date is delayed due to original factors and/or uncontrollable emergencies, the SuperIC Mall is not responsible for the delay in delivery, and the customer shall not cancel the order.

(2) If the receipt of the goods is delayed and/or other risks are caused due to the customer's reasons, the consequences shall be borne by the customer.

(3) If the customer fails to receive the product on the agreed date and method, or if the delivery date and/or delivery method is not specified, SuperIC Mall has the right to choose the most appropriate method to deliver the product.

(4) If the customer needs to change the delivery date of the order, he or she needs to consult the customer service representative of SuperIC Mall in time for the change of the delivery date of the order. SuperIC Mall will meet the customer's change requirements under conditions, but when your order has entered the stage of preparation for shipment, you cannot change the delivery date.

(5) The customer must confirm the receipt in time after receiving the goods. If there is no manual confirmation or feedback for more than 10 days, the system defaults to the correct receipt and automatically confirms the receipt.

7. Product acceptance

After SuperIC Mall completes the delivery, the customer must receive and inspect the product within a reasonable time. If the product is found to be significantly defective and unfit for its purpose during reasonable inspection, or does not match the type, specification or quantity of the product specified in the order, or the customer has Any other objection related to the product should be notified in writing to SuperIC Mall within one week of receipt of the goods with the delivery note attached. If no such notice is given within one week of receipt by the customer, the product shall be deemed finally to be in conformity with the contract in all respects and free from any defect that would have been found by a reasonable inspection, and the customer shall therefore be deemed to have fully accepted the product.

If the package received by the customer is damaged, the customer should take a picture of the package and report the situation to the SuperIC mall in time to confirm the damage. If the customer can fully prove that the product does not conform to the contract or is defective, SuperIC Mall reserves the right to replace the product, reissue the product or refund the price paid for the product within a reasonable time at its discretion.

8. After-sale service

SuperIC Mall agrees to assign to Customer any transferable warranties that SuperIC Mall obtains from the manufacturer of products sold to customers, and SuperIC Mall makes no other warranties, express or implied, with respect to the products. SuperIC Mall does not make any warranties of the product's merchantability, fitness or fitness for any particular purpose, use or respect for infringement.

When the delivered goods are found to have quality problems, the customer must notify SuperIC mall within 90 days from the date of shipment, and the mall's responsibilities arising from the sale of any product to the customer are expressly limited to:

(1) Refund of the purchase price (without interest) paid by the customer for such products.

(2) or repair and/or replace such products at the option of SuperIC Mall.

Such remedies are exclusive and in lieu of all other remedies. In no event shall SuperIC Mall hold you or any third party for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages (including but not limited to lost profits, lost savings or commercial opportunity loss) even if SuperIC Mall has been advised of the possibility of such damage. IN NO EVENT SHALL ALL CHIP'S LIABILITY IN ANY WAY RELATED TO ANY PRODUCT EXCEED THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT, WARRANTY OR OTHERWISE, REGARDLESS OF LEGAL THEORY.

Furthermore, no warranty shall apply if the product has been misused, electrostatic discharge, neglect, accident, modified or welded or altered in any way. In addition, SuperIC Mall expressly reserves the right to reject the following product return applications:

(1) Any product not sold and shipped by SuperIC Mall.

(2) The original packaging of the product and the product label are damaged or missing.

(3) The product has been used/tested by the customer (except those with inherent defects).

SuperIC Mall reserves the right to have any allegedly defective product inspected and tested by an independent third party to determine whether the product is defective. The conclusion of this independent third party is conclusive, final and binding on you and SuperIC Mall.

Return acceptance conditions and matters needing attention:

(1) When receiving the goods, if the packaging is damaged, please take a photo immediately and contact the customer service of the mall. If the customer encounters problems such as the actual quantity received, the model does not match, and the product quality, etc., the customer can apply for a return or exchange within two weeks after receiving the goods, and SuperIC mall has the right to refuse it.

(2) If applying for return due to product quality problems, the customer needs to provide a detailed performance test report as the basis for negotiation between SuperIC and the supplier, and if necessary, a third-party test report recognized by both parties.

(3) When customers apply for after-sales service of any product, please contact the customer service representative first, obtain the consent of SuperIC mall and obtain the authorization code of the returned product before executing the return or exchange. Shipping costs for the item.

(4) When returning or exchanging goods, please be sure to keep the complete original packaging (including outer packaging and inner filling) and ensure that the label of the goods is in good condition. If it is lost or damaged, it will not be returned.

(5) For items classified as "statically inductive", the customer must take appropriate protective measures to prevent damage during the return process. All ESD sensitive devices will be subject to incoming inspection according to the latest version of ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards, ESD sensitive products not handled in accordance with the standard will not be eligible for return.

(6) If the customer cancels the order or wrongly ordered products after the order takes effect, the mall can charge 30% of the restocking fee.

9. Force Majeure

If SuperIC Mall's delay in performance or failure to perform any of its obligations under these Conditions is attributable to any cause beyond SuperIC Mall's reasonable control (including but not limited to government action, war, fire, pandemic, explosion, flood, catastrophic climate, import and export controls or embargoes, labor disputes, unavailability of goods or labor, etc.), SuperIC Mall shall not be liable to customers in any form for such delay or failure to perform or be regarded as a breach of contract. If SuperIC Mall is obstructed from performing the contract due to the above reasons, SuperIC Mall can decide at its own discretion to delay performance or cancel all or part of the contract, and will not be liable for such delay, cancellation or any failure to deliver.


(1) SuperIC Mall is obliged to ensure the normal operation of the website. Visitors should bear the risk when using the website services. SuperIC Mall does not make any form of guarantee, does not guarantee that the content of the website meets the requirements of users, and does not guarantee that the website service will not be interrupted. SuperIC Mall does not assume any legal responsibility if users cannot access normally due to any technical reasons such as network conditions and communication lines, or if relevant information, records, etc. are lost.

(2) The user may claim compensation from the infringing party for any loss caused by the customer informing others of the personal account number and password or sharing the registered account with others, or other due to improper operation of the user to disclose the account number and password, and SuperIC Mall will not bear any responsibility for this. responsibility.

(3) Any links (including hyperlinks, buttons or recommendations of any kind) used on SuperIC Mall webpages are provided for the use and convenience of visitors and do not constitute an endorsement, recommendation or certification by SuperIC Mall, nor should the appearances of such links be construed in any way as having any relationship with the SuperIC Mall.

(4) Any force majeure that affects the normal operation of the network due to hacker attack, computer virus intrusion or outbreak, temporary shutdown due to government control, etc., resulting in personal data leakage, loss, theft or tampering, etc., SuperIC Mall shall not assume any responsibility.

(5) If the service of this site needs to be suspended due to system maintenance or upgrade, it will be announced in advance. If the service is suspended due to force majeure or hardware failure beyond the control of the company, and the inconvenience and loss caused during the suspension of service, this website is not responsible, but we will provide reasonable assistance and deal with the aftermath as soon as possible.

(6) The statement of the mall and the right of modification, update and final interpretation of the content of the mall belong to SuperIC Mall.

11. Privacy Statement

(1) For the personal information of customers, including real name, address, email address, industry field and contact number, SuperIC Mall ensures that your personal data will not be used for other purposes without your consent. SuperIC Mall will use safe and reliable servers and control devices to protect your personal data.

(2) We may send you information and advertisements about SuperIC Mall and its products and services to keep you informed of our latest products and services. Email addresses may be used to communicate information of interest to you about the SuperIC Mall, including order shipping/tracking information, obsolete parts announcements, service change information, or other promotional emails.

(3) SuperIC Mall may collect non-personal information through the IP address you visit, including ISP access service, operating system type, browser, etc., to optimize your display page and traffic statistics. We do this to help improve our services and provide information and advertisements, analyzing the total click statistics of the mall.

(4) SuperIC Mall may use various third parties such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to help provide our services, information and advertisements about this website and our products and services. The third-party service providers may include, but are not limited to, their web analytics services and various their social media platforms, and these third-party service providers may further collect, store and share information in accordance with the privacy policies.  

(5) When SuperIC Mall meets the following conditions, the user's personal data is used beyond the necessary scope, including obtaining your consent. Or the corresponding laws and procedures require this site to provide users' personal data.

(6) When state agencies require SuperIC Mall to disclose our users’ personal data in accordance with legal procedures, SuperIC Mall will provide the users’ personal data as required by law enforcement agencies or for public safety purposes. SuperIC Mall does not assume any responsibility for any content disclosed under this circumstance.

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