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1, Services of SuperIC Mall

Q: What are the business hours and contact details of SuperIC Mall1570680974952501248

A:On line:Mon to Fri,9:00-18:15(GMT+8)

Email: sales@superic.com

Tel+852 67454806

Skype:+852 67454806

Q: What services can you get from SuperIC Mall1570680974952501248

A: SuperIC Mall is a self-operated mall owned by Smart-Core Holdings(02166.HK) which is a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Smart-Core Holdings was founded in 2005, it owns extensive industry experience in the authorized distribution, independent distribution, and technical solutions of the electronic components. Smart-core Holdings provides many supply chain services and technical support of the electronic components to more than 20,000 electronic manufacturers,with more than a dozen branches and nearly 500 employees around the world.  In 2021, the turnover of Smart-core Holdings had exceed HKD$ 10 billion.

We can provide global customers with:

We provide the supply chain services of the multi-category electronic components which covers the authorized distribution and independent distribution.

We provide the technical solutions and support of the IoT, consumer electronics, security and other fields.

We provide the circuit modules, PCBA boards, customized development of the electronic product software/hardware, etc.

Q: How does SuperIC Mall ensure that the products are original genuine1570680974952501248

A: Smart-Core Holdings is a distributor of all-purpose electronic component with 17 years experience. It authorizes the agent of nearly 100 brands of semiconductor chips. SuperIC Mall is a self-operated mall of Smart-Core Holdings. The products we sell on it are all self-operated. The qualifications of the original manufacturers/suppliers will be strictly reviewed and verified by us. In the meantime, we pay more attention to the product channels and quality than any customer. At the same time, our audit of supply is very strict, you could choose them confidently.

Q: Is the product inventory and price information on the SuperIC mall accurate1570680974952501248

A: Due to the high liquidity of goods on our SuperIC Mall, their inventory and prices are changing at any time. Although we regularly update the latest stock and price information every day, they still cannot be guaranteed that it is accurate and timely. Therefore, we recommend that you contact our customer service representative of the mall to confirm the latest inventory, price and delivery time of the products you need before placing an order.

2, Purchasing and Payment

Q: How to purchase products on SuperIC Mall1570680974952501248

A: 1. Firstly, please directly put your product model in the search box,

2. Secondly, please click "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now",

3. Then, add your address and submit the order. Our customer service representative will contact you immediately to confirm your order information. Finally, you need to complete the payment and then wait for the delivery.

Payment method of SuperIC mall

T/T Bank is  acceptable.  

Q: How is the shipment1570680974952501248

A: Customers can choose industry-leading freight companies, including DHL, FedEx , UPS, TNT and Registered Mail. No shipment handling charges be included.

Example Sheet :

Q: How to follow up your package in delivery1570680974952501248

A: When your order has been received and arranged for shipment, you will receive our email that will inform you its shipment status and tracking NO#. When a tracking number is available, you could check and track the shipping status of your order by clicking the link on it. In your member center, you could also query and obtain its relevant tracking number information. Normally, it will take 3-7 days to arrive at your address after they be sent out by logistics .

Q: If the package is found to be abnormal before signing, how to deal with it1570680974952501248

A: In order to protect your rights, please check the package carefully before signing for it. If you find any abnormality after your inspection, such as the outer packaging is deformed, damaged, watered stains, etc., please explain the situation to the courier in time. Please keep the package intact, save the shipping box, packing materials and product, and then take a photo and contact with our customer service representative immediately.

Q: After receiving the products, and then its models and quantity be found that not match the delivery note, what should I do1570680974952501248

A: If you receive the products and find that its models and quantity do not match the delivery note, please contact our customer service representative of SuperIC Mall within 7 days after receiving the products. You can also click "After-sales Application" in "Member Center - My Order" on our mall, and provide the photos. Our customer service will find out the situation and deal with it in time.

3, After-sales Service

Q: How to apply for return1570680974952501248

A: Please contact our customer service representative on SuperIC Mall before you plan to return the goods, then its authorization number will be sent to you. The shipping charges for returns must be prepaid by you, because our Mall does not accept the return way of cash on delivery. If the return is due to the error of our customer, then a re-stocking fee may be charged by customer. If it is a special product purchased by SuperIC Mall for you from the manufacturer, then it will be non-cancelable/non-refundable.

If the reasons of returns are unrelated to the warranty of manufacturers or original factory , they will not be accepted.

Time Return application : the return application must be submitted to the Member Center in SuperIC Mall within 14 days after the goods be received, and the proforma invoice NO# also be attached. We will process your after-sales application within 30 days. In addition, The reason for the return is that a brief explanation is required, and the merchandise must be guaranteed in its original packaging and could be resale.

All ESD sensitive devices will be inspected subject to the latest version of ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard, if not handled in this standard, they will not be eligible for return.

1) When you apply for returning products, please be sure to keep the complete original packaging (including the outer packaging, inner fillings) and the good labels. The goods label is the only proof for SuperIC Mall to coordinate the return and exchange of goods with the suppliers. If it is lost, it will not be returned or exchanged for you.

2) If the product has been used, welded and altered, or damaged due to inappropriate use, ESD, discharge, neglect, accident, etc., it will not be returned.

3) If you apply for a return due to the product quality problems, a detailed performance test report needs to be provided as the basis for the negotiation between SuperIC Mall and our suppliers. when necessary, a third-party test report recognized by both parties is also required.

The returns will be accepted by SuperIC Mall according to our quality guarantee terms and after-sale service terms, and will replace the products or arrange the refund according to your choice.

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