【News】Smart-core Technology won the authoritative Award of "Top Ten Electronic Distributors"!
time: 2022-12-28 author: SuperIC

On November 24th, the 2022 (19th) China Internet of Things Industry Conference and Brand Event, organized by Intelligent Internet of Things, Intelligent Security network and Intelligent Electronics Network, was successfully held in Shenzhen. With the theme of "Integration of data and intelligence, the Future of Internet of Things", the conference gathers 500+ outstanding enterprises, senior experts, engineers and dealers from the whole industry chain including Internet of Things, intelligent security and electronics. Centering on hot topics such as AloT, smart parking, smart city and machine vision, the conference will explore the survival rules of AloT industry and think deeply about the future of the industry.

Since its launch on September 1, the conference has attracted wide attention from major media and enterprises. After registration, fierce online voting and authoritative expert review, the final selection of the TOP10 enterprises, ushered in the highlight moment! Tonight, we gather together to witness the Top 10 brand awards ceremony. With its strong comprehensive strength, Smart-core Technology was successfully selected as one of the "Top Ten electronic Distributors", which represents the industry's recognition of the market value of Smart-core Technology in the electronic components industry in the past year!

Founded in 1992, Huicong provides online transaction services for more than 60 industries and is the leading B2B e-commerce service provider in China. secu.hczyw.com, formerly known as "Secu.hczyw.com", was founded in 1999. Secu.hczyw.com is the most authoritative e-commerce network platform for professional media and the broadest user base in the security industry.

About Smart-core Technology:

Established in 2005, Smart-core Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smart-Core Holdings Limited (02166.HK), authorized to sell products from dozens of well-known semiconductor chip brands. And supply for video display, set-top box, AIoT, optical communication, video processing, automotive electronics, mobile terminals, access and other fields of technical solutions. Smart-core Technology has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a "Contract Abiding and credit abiding" enterprise in Guangdong Province, a "Green Channel" enterprise in Nanshan District, and a "Specialized, Specialized and New" enterprise in Shenzhen.

For a long time, the company pays attention to the investment in technical solutions and technical support, and now has more than 200 intellectual property rights including 4 invention patents. The engineers engaged in solution development and technical support of the company account for about 30% of the total number of employees, which can provide customers with complete quasi-mass production technical solutions and technical support, and help users reduce project development time. Reduce the development cost, accelerate the product to market speed.

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