【News】Smart-Core Holdings Limited has won the prestigious Electronic Distribution Industry Award for the second consecutive year in 2022
time: 2022-11-16 author: SuperIC

On November 11, 2022, the 2-day International Integrated Circuit Exhibition and Conference (IIC Shenzhen 2022) was successfully held in Shenzhen, China, hosted by AspenCore, a world-renowned media group in the field of electronic technology. At the Global Distribution and Supply Chain Leadership Summit on November 11, experts from distributors, original semiconductor manufacturers, EMS/OEM/ODM and other upstream and downstream enterprises focused on supply chain security issues, elaborated innovative thinking and insight into market trends, in-depth interpretation of supply chain development trends and opportunities under the semiconductor cycle changes. At the same time, the "Global Electronic Component Distributor Outstanding Performance Award" activity was held to recognize the outstanding brand distributors who support the development of the electronics industry. The selection results were trusted by the industry.

Smart-core Technology and Quiksol International won distributor awards

Smart-Core Technology and Quiksol International, subsidiaries of Smart-core Holdings Limited, participated in the Distributor awards and were evaluated by ASPENCORE's multi-dimensional comprehensive evaluation committee. Smart-core Technology won the "Top 10 Brand Distributors in China" Award in 2022, and Quiksol International won the "International Potential Star Distributor" award.

Popular exhibition site

The International Integrated Circuit Exhibition (IIC) is held simultaneously with the symposium. The exhibition site covers the product and technology display, authoritative release, high-end summit forum, technical discussion, industry talent, and semiconductor investment exchange and other multi-dimensional activities, to release and promote new products, cutting-edge technology achievements and excellent solutions.

Smart-Core Technology, a subsidiary of Smart-core Holdings Limited, participated in this exhibition (booth No. 1A12), displaying Core's professional independent distribution business and "SuperIC" e-commerce platform, on-site hardcore program board exhibits, patient and thoughtful interpretation and communication. For the exhibition industry to provide professional and meticulous services, during the exhibition into the booth visitors stream.

Technical solution presentation

At Core's technology Solutions booth, The site display includes MTK I500/500P scheme, MTK MT7686 intelligent terminal scheme and Sigmastar SSD202 small-screen display driver scheme, Sigmastar intelligent visual IPC scheme, Actions ATB1113 voice remote control scheme, intelligent lock complete circuit module and other schemes, PCBA and module, It can be widely used in smart home control screen, flat display terminal, reading pen, story machine, treadmill, massage chair, camera, smart lock and other smart hardware terminal products.

Keep up the good work in the future

Although the seminar and exhibition only lasted for two days, every audience who stayed in the booth made us feel more responsible and touched. The growth of Core Zhiyun cannot be separated from the understanding and support of every customer. Their trust and expectation encouraged our team to make continuous efforts and keep the original intention in mind!

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