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time: 2022-11-03 author: SuperIC

Along with China's opening-up and the promotion of the "Belt and Road Initiative" policy, the cooperation between China and Southeast Asia is constantly deepened and the bilateral trade grows rapidly. Southeast Asia is an important part of the 11-nation Asian economic structure, with a total area of about 4.57 million square kilometers and a population of 655 million. Based on exchange rates, GDP of Southeast Asia for per capita is now about $5,000, lower than Colombia and Ecuador in South America and South Africa in Africa, and in the middle level of the world.

However, the Southeast Asia has attracted a large number of foreign investment by virtue of its advantages such as relatively low land and labor costs, population consumption dividend, easy policy environment and stable economic growth. Against the backdrop of tariff/trade uncertainty, some of the world's low-end labor-intensive electronics processing companies have begun to accelerate their capacity transfer to Southeast Asia. With companies such as Samsung, LG, FOXCONN, BYD, Luxshare Precision Industry Co.,Ltd. In addition, the other large electronic manufacturing enterprises to transfer capacity to Southeast Asia, will inevitably drive the sustainable development of local electronic manufacturing industry.

In recent years, the Chinese market has imported 70% of the world's semiconductor chips, so it has the world's most complete chip category and the largest spot inventory. Therefore, combined with the strong domestic supply chain capacity and the growing international market demand, it will be one of the opportunities in the future electronic components supply chain market.

SuperIC international version "SuperIC mall" officially launched on November 3rd, 2022! This represents the formal start of SuperIC to expand the international business represented by Southeast Asia. In the future, SuperIC will continue to deepen the electronic components supply chain service industry, optimize industrial services, provide more professional technical solutions, and bring more valuable supply chain services to international customers!

"SuperIC" is a newly upgraded e-commerce platform for electronic components and components of Smart-Core Holdings Limited(HK.02166), which combines the Internet big data marketing and adopts the method of online and offline integration. Provide customers with a one-stop supply chain platform covering free samples, small batch stock, BOM services, solutions, technical community and information services.

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