【News】 Over 10 billion Hong Kong dollars! Smart-core Holdings Limited's 2021 financial results are amazing!
time: 2022-04-22 author: SuperIC

Statistics from WSTS (World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Organization) show that the size of the global semiconductor market surged by 25.6% in 2021 to reach a record high of $553 billion. China's imports of integrated circuits totaled 2.79 trillion yuan ($439.7 billion) from January to December 2021, according to Chinese customs statistics.

Strong market demand has led to large fluctuations in the supply chain of electronic components, with price increases, stock shortages and extended delivery times woven throughout 2021.

Against the background of rapid growth in market demand, Core Wisdom Holdings works closely with partners in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain to jointly contribute to the stabilization of semiconductor chip market supply. Thanks to the significant growth in market demand and customer group, the group achieved remarkable results in 2021, especially in the photoelectric display, security products, intelligent terminals, communication products, automotive electronics and other business units, which achieved a significant year-on-year growth in business scale.

Group over the years insist on the development of the independent distribution business, also in 2021, bright eye, through the integration of the global supply chain resources effectively, based on new dealmaking system, in time for the downstream manufacturers provide a large number of spot supply, at the same time of meet the market demand for shortage of material, effectively improve the group's operating profit targets.

According to Smart-Core Holdings Limited (02166.HK) recently disclosed in the stock exchange of 2021 financial results data show that the group's total revenue in 2021 reached HK $10.389 billion, an increase of 87.5% year on year, net profit growth of 201.5% year on year.

In 2022, the global semiconductor market will face new variables and challenges. Smart-Core Holdings Limited will actively promote the construction of enterprise informatization, iteratively improve the digital operation system, continue to expand the service scope of authorized distribution business, deeply cultivate technology solutions and software services, and develop independent distribution business capabilities. And launched a new version of the self-run e-commerce platform -- SuperIC (www.superic.com), and strive to improve the business synergy ability of all-purpose distribution. In the future, let us work together to create a new chapter on the basis of sound management and innovative development!

About Smart-Core Holdings Limited:

Founded in 2005, Smart-Core Holdings Limiteds is a leading integrated circuit and other electronic components distributor and technology value-added service provider in China. The Group's business types include licensed distribution, independent distribution, e-commerce platforms, technology value-added and the design and manufacturing of optical communication chips. Its business scope covers TV, photoelectric display, intelligent terminal, storage, security, communication products, Internet of things, industrial control, optical communication and other market segments, and its service outlets cover the Asia-Pacific region. We provide semiconductor chips and various electronic components with diversified supply chain services for electronic industry customers, and provide corresponding technical solutions, technical support and software services. The Group maintains stable business partnerships with hundreds of well-known semiconductor chip manufacturers upstream of the industry chain. By the end of 2021, we have served a diversified business customer base of more than 20,000, with sales of HK $10.39 billion in 2021.

For more information, please visit our website www.smart-core.com.hk

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