【News】SuperIC Platform Newly Presented at 2022 International AIoT Eco Development Conference
time: 2022-06-30 author: SuperIC

On June 29, 2022, AspenCore, the world's leading professional electronics agency, and Shenzhen New Generation Information and Communication Industry Cluster co-hosted the "2022 International AIoT Eco-Development Conference", which was successfully held at the Kexing Science Park International Conference Center. The conference included the International AIoT Industry Development Summit, Industrial Internet Sub-Forum, Smart Home Sub-Forum, Smart Robotics, Smart Two-Wheeled Vehicle Sub-Forum, Smart Wearable Sub-Forum, and Resource Matching Sessions. The conference was held in the form of offline technical forum and online video broadcast, gathering thousands of people from upstream and downstream of the IoT and smart hardware industry to actively participate, integrating top international and domestic AIoT technical forces and market channel resources, matching more suitable technical partners, docking ecological cooperation platforms, expanding market channel resources, and enhancing technical exchanges and business cooperation between enterprises.

The "2022 International AIoT Eco-Development Conference" attracted many strong sponsors, and SuperIC also participated in sponsoring this conference, which was also the first public event that SuperIC participated in after the 3.0 revision of its platform. The SuperIC booth not only showcased a wide range of boards and solutions, but also organized interactive activities such as prizes and questionnaires, attracting many solution vendors, end customers, chip manufacturers and peers to visit and ask questions, and SuperIC's business partners warmly received and patiently explained, receiving praise and praise from many customers.

At the SuperIC booth, there are live demonstrations including MTK I500/500P solution,MT7686 smart terminal solution of  MTK , SSD202 small screen display driver solution of Sigmastar, smart vision IPC solution of Sigmastar, SSC338X+MT793X wifi6 camera solution, ATB1113 voice remote control solution of Actions, smart Bluetooth audio module, smart lock complete circuit module, etc. The solutions and modules can be widely used in smart home control panels, flat panel display terminals, point-and-shoot pens, storytelling machines, smart Bluetooth audio, treadmills, massage chairs, cameras, smart locks and other smart hardware terminal products.

Relying on the resources of the Group and its partners, SuperIC can provide customers with software/hardware reference design materials related to technology solutions and supporting algorithms, cloud resources, corresponding online/offline technical support, and electronic components supply chain services. For more information, please follow SuperIC's public website or call us at 400-816-1216, we are happy to provide you with attentive service.

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